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angry teenager covering his ears and facing away from his concerned father is in need of an anger management program Anger can be a powerful emotion, especially for teens. Today’s teens face mounting stress, academic pressure, unprocessed trauma, and fears of failure. Unfortunately, many teens struggle to manage emotions, especially anger. For some, anger may come from stress, anxiety, and childhood trauma. Still, others may have undiagnosed co-occurring disorders, like ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression. At Clear Recovery Teen Program, our anger management program helps teens create lasting change for happy, healthy futures.  

If your teen is struggling with anger, mental health, and their emotions, Clear Recovery Teen Program can help. Our mental health treatment in California provides inpatient and outpatient care for teens and their families. Call us now at 866.522.2084 to learn how our anger management program in Redondo Beach, CA can help your family thrive!

What Is Anger?

Anger is a secondary emotion. This means that anger often stems from other emotions like sadness, guilt, fear, and grief. Anger can feel irrational. It can be fleeting or long-lasting. For those who don’t know how to process anger safely, it can be harmful. When a person experiences anger, they often target their emotions at something or someone they feel is in the wrong. Sometimes, expressing anger can be healthy. However, continued and excessive expression can be harmful and a sign of underlying mental health disorders. 

There are three main types of anger:

  • Passive aggression
  • Open aggression
  • Assertive aggression

Passive aggression is common. When someone is passive-aggressive, they withhold communication, hold grudges, and take out their aggression through behavior rather than words. This type of anger is common among people who tend to avoid conflict and confrontation. 

Open aggression is often a loud or violent expression. It may be taken out on someone unexpectedly. In the case of open aggression, a person may feel their anger is controlling them. 

Assertive aggression is the healthiest approach to processing conflict. During confrontation, a person engages in active listening and open communication while also practicing forgiveness. 

It’s essential to recognize the type and frequency of anger. At Clear Recovery Teen Program, we help teens and their parents practice the tools for open communication and active listening through our holistic, evidence-based therapy programs. 

What Is Anger Management Therapy?

Anger management therapy provides teens with tools to recognize, understand, and safely process their anger. Unprocessed anger can cause violence, self-harm, substance abuse, and other harmful behaviors. A therapist will often meet with teens daily or weekly, depending on their mental health treatment program. Activities with a therapist may include:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Music, art, or dance
  • Practicing self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Using humor as a healing device

Our mental health treatment programs help teens build resilience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. When teens learn how to manage their anger, they also learn to practice compassion for themselves and others. Whether your teen needs inpatient or outpatient mental health support for anger management, the team at Clear Recovery Teen Program can help!

Help Your Teen With an Anger Management Program in California

If your teen is showing signs of anger or is struggling to process and control their emotions, don’t wait – call Clear Recovery Teen Program today. At Clear Recovery Teen Program, we help teens and their families reconnect through evidence-based mental health treatments. Serving the greater Los Angeles area – with locations in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach – our mental health programs focus on individual treatments to meet each teen’s and family’s needs. 

If you’re ready to find out how Clear Recovery Teen Program can help your teen, call us at 866.522.2084 to find the right therapy program and enroll today