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young man sitting in the center of other young people engaged in a group therapy program If your teen is in the middle of overcoming a substance use disorder (SUD) and you’re searching for teen mental health therapy in California, a group therapy program may be something you’re looking for at the moment. Consider the outpatient programs that Clear Recovery Center Teen Program offers. Our therapy options include a particular focus on teen addictions, such as those involving cannabis, prescription medication, and vaping.

Group therapy is a well-known type of addiction treatment due to its affordability and effectiveness, as shown in numerous studies. In fact, more than 50 clinical trials comparing clients randomly assigned to one-on-one or group therapy overwhelmingly support the equivalence of both forms of treatment in terms of improvement for several mental health disorders. Are you searching for a group therapy program in Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach, CA? Reach out to Clear Recovery Center Teen Program today. You can call 866.522.2084 or contact our team online.

What Is a Group Therapy Program?

In essence, group therapy or group counseling is a gathering of clients — often struggling with similar issues — who meet together regularly under the leadership of trained therapists. While many people think of group therapy as a treatment that’s only for issues like alcoholism, it’s used to treat virtually all mental health issues that individual therapy can help with.

Groups typically consist of anywhere from five to 15 clients led by one or two therapists and meet in sessions that can last for up to two hours each week. Many groups are geared toward specific issues — such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse — while others focus on helping clients deal with a variety of issues, like anger or low self-esteem. Some consist of clients who are all going through a similar experience, like divorce or the loss of a loved one. Groups can meet regularly for several months or even several years. A group can be open, where new members can join at any time — or closed, where all group members start at the same time.

A group therapy program provides a space where clients can come together with others to share concerns or problems, better understand their situations, and learn from and with each other. Under the leadership of a therapist, clients learn about themselves and improve their relationships with other people. Group therapy sessions can be held both in-person and online.

What’s the Difference Between Group Counseling and Support Groups?

While both support groups and group therapy sessions offer support, the goal of a group therapy program is to help members change, while the goal of a support group is to help members cope.

Support groups tend to have a particular theme — such as parents with sick children or family members of people with gambling problems. These groups have meetings that tend to be much less structured than therapy sessions. At times, there may be presentations about a related topic. However, the group discussion often focuses on supporting members with their current struggles.

When Should You Consider a Group Therapy Program?

A group therapy program might not always be the best option for someone struggling with a mental health issue or a traumatic life experience. For example, one-on-one therapy may better serve certain trauma-related disorders, and clients diagnosed as severely narcissistic or schizoid may have trouble in a group setting. Clients dealing with grief may feel better going to support group meetings rather than a group therapy session, especially in the initial stages of grief.

Scheduling is also an important factor when considering group therapy. While a group therapy program is often more affordable, one-on-one therapy allows for more flexibility in scheduling. One-on-one therapy sessions may also be beneficial if combined with a group therapy program or if a client chooses them over group therapy. In general, if group therapy is recommended for your case, you should consider trying it out — especially if you don’t have any other forms of therapeutic care on your current schedule.

Ready To Learn More About Clear Recovery Teen Program’s Group Therapy Program?

If you’re looking for a group therapy program in Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach, CA, contact Clear Recovery Center Teen Program today. You can call 866.522.2084 or reach out to our team online.