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Clear’s Teen and Adolescent Program offers an evidence-based and individualized treatment approach designed to treat the modern teen struggling with issues related to mental health and more in this digital age.

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What We Do

Clear Recovery Center’s Teen Program recognizes the unique stressors that young people of today face–from living in the digital world to struggles with a sense of self and identity–our teens are experiencing a new wave of mental health challenges.

Our Approach

Our evidence-based and individualized treatment approach is designed to treat the modern teen who is struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. Our teen outpatient programs in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, California, provide a safe environment. Here, teens can explore the origins of dysfunctional coping mechanisms such as self-harm, disordered eating, suicidal ideations, and/or substance use, and learn healthier and more adaptive coping mechanisms.

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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is treated through group therapy that provides psychoeducation on the “window of tolerance,” a term used to describe the zone of stimulation in which a client can function most effectively. Teaching clients how to integrate and utilize basic emotional regulation techniques when they are not triggered allows them to widen their window of tolerance.

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Depression Treatment

Depression comes in many forms. However, we employ various evidence-based therapeutic modalities to assist individuals in building new, positive, and healthy ways to manage their moods. The more clients are empowered to use adaptive coping skills regularly, the more improved functioning is possible.

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Therapy Programs

Clear’s Teen Program uses an evidence-based and comprehensive approach to mental health treatment. Clients receive multi-family group therapy, peer group therapy, experiential therapy, academic counseling, individual case management, and individual therapy. Our holistic approach addresses all aspects of life and teaches the tools necessary for sustaining ongoing mental health.

Individualized Care

Everyone’s needs are unique! No two teens have the same background, mental health struggles, and circumstances. For that reason, we design fully customized treatment plans that cater to each individual. Upon admission, your teen will be matched with an individual therapist and case manager who will support each client in building life skills and assisting them in all logistical aspects of their daily life while in treatment.

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Family Engagement

Although we are treating the individual client, we recognize that the entire family system needs support and guidance. To address this, we offer the following:

Multi-family groups: A weekly 2 hour multi-family group led by two licensed therapists and case managers. The first hour consists of a structured group session with both parents and teenagers in order to foster connection and understanding of one another. During the second hour, the teenagers will participate in a process group with one of the therapists, while the parents participate in a separate support group with the other therapist. This group has created an invaluable sense of community not only among our teenage clients, but their families as well.

Monthly family sessions: Once per month, parents are invited to participate in a session with their teenager’s individual therapist. This is to assist the treatment team in recognizing each family’s unique needs as well as increasing effective communication across the family unit.

Weekly family updates: Each week, parents receive a phone call from the client’s case manager with an update on progress. The case manager will also remain accessible throughout the week to address any concern as they arise. 

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Our phenomenal clinical team is always available to help prospective clients understand their coverage options. Not to mention, at Clear, we handle all the paperwork.

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